North American F-100D Super Sabre


The Museum's restored F-100D with new paint scheme and markings

The Museum’s restored F-100D with new paint scheme and markings


The F-100 Super Sabre was the first production aircraft capable of sustained supersonic speed in level flight. Following the F-86 Sabre into service with the USAF, the Super Sabre was a quantum leap in performance over its stable mate. After resolving a number of problems with the early models, the Hun as it was known to its crews, proved to be a solid weapons platform. Along with USAF squadrons based around the world, the Hun was used by the air forces of Nationalist China, Denmark, France, and Turkey. It served during the war in Southeast Asia, flying thousands of missions in support of ground operations until replaced by the A-7D. Initially, active duty USAF units provided the aircraft and crews for this effort. As these were depleted, Air National Guard squadrons were brought into action.

In addition to the various single place versions, a two seat trainer, the F-100F, was built in large numbers. The F-100D was also used by the USAF flight demonstration team, the Thunderbirds, during the 1960s. Many F-100s remained in service until the early 1980s. Starting in the mid-80s, some were converted into unmanned target drones for use in missile tests and aircrew training.

The Museum’s Hun was first put on display in 1986 as part of the McClellan AFB’s Heritage Collection. It was painted to represent an F-100D of the 493rd Tactical Fighter Squadron based at RAF Lakenheath in Britain in 1964-5. This aircraft was refurbished, had all its systems upgraded and painted in Sea camouflage at McClellan AFB in 1967. Its current markings are for an aircraft assigned to the 90th TFS based at Bien Hoa AB, Republic of Vietnam in 1968.

100 before restoration

The Museum’s F-100D before restoration



100 paint off

Stripping off the old paint


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