Fun with Physics!

Boys Fun with Physics

Join us for some Physics fun!

Come to the Museum and challenge your mind. Fun with Physics is an interactive science exhibit that invites the mind to explore the excitement of science discovery through hands-on experience. This exhibit is for the young and the young-at-heart!

Created by Tammie Ryan, formerly with the National Science Museum, the Fun with Physics exhibit transforms itself into a science center full of hands-on exhibits and activities. Museum visitors of all ages will enjoy investigating science at their own pace in a friendly and inviting environment.

Fun With Physics brings the excitement and discovery of physics through hands-on science. Test your ability to solve brain racking challenges with:

Mind Bogglers – a variety of brainteasers and balancing puzzles
Simple Machines
Optical Illusions- What do you see? Explore color, movement, ambiguous and distortion illusions
Newton’s three laws with activities on Inertia, action/reaction and mxa=f
Kids Construction – bridge building, magnetos, blocks, mazes, bolt wall
Physics Concepts – explore the concepts of force, inertia, mass, matter, gravity, problem solving and magnetic attraction

Who knew learning could be this much fun?




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