Sacramento Screening Premiere of The Bob Hoover Project – “Flying the Feathered Edge”

bob hoover signing


400 Museum guests attended the July 11th Sacramento premiere of Mr. Hoover’s new film Flying the Feathered   Edge:  The Bob Hoover Project“.  Mr. Hoover and Ms. Furst were on hand to answer questions about the film and hear first hand stories from one of the greatest pilots that ever lived.

A special thanks to Mr. Hoover and Director Kim Furst. Thank you for bringing this great story to life and sharing the Bob Hoover Project with our Museum. Many guests said that meeting Mr. Hoover was something they will never forget and that it was high on their “Bucket List”.

ABC News 10’s interviewed with Mr. Hoover. Here’s what Mr. Hoover had to say about his flying career….

Thank you to Mark Loper Aviation Photography. Please see Mark’s link for pictures:




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